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Why join LACFAEA ?

  • ADVOCACY – Conduct effective representations, in the matter of issues and concern of LACFAEA members in their respective workplaces, in collaboration with other interest or pressure groups.  

  • Foster camaraderie and cordial relations between and among LACFAEA members and other ethnic groups to strengthen our bonds of solidarity and cohesiveness in their pursuit of empowerment in the community and the mainstream of this society.

  •  Promote awareness of the Philippine cultural heritage and moral values to rekindle the fire of patriotism in our hearts and mind geared towards the protection and preservation of our national identity.

  • Provide Leadership symposium, workshop, training session, to develop professional skills of LACFAEA members to make them competitive in all and every promotional and upward mobility opportunities.

  •  Participate in worthwhile community activity such as feeding the homeless.

  • Donate to victims of calamity in the Philippines in cash or in kind.

  • Participate in all LACFAEA sponsored events such as Philippines Independence Day Celebration, Christmas Party, Family Picnic, etc.


Membership Registration

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