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The Los Angeles County Filipino- American Employees Association is a Federal, State and County registered organization of Filipino - Americans Los Angeles County employees who have the vision to uphold our  rights to peaceful assembly in order to achieve our cultural, economic and social goals. We are committed to the mission of fostering brotherhood and unity among our members, and the preservation of our national identity and cultural heritage.

LACFAEA was formed and established in October 1974 by a group of Filipino professionals backed by respectable community leaders



To strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and solidarity among and between our members by preserving and protecting our cultural heritage and national identity respectively, to achieve desired empowerment, due respect, equal rights and economic stability for the members of LACFAEA


  • To provide a vehicle for the collective efforts of Filipino-American employees in their pursuit of upward mobility in their employment.

  • To provide and develop leadership, advocacy and dynamic representation to create a synergistic employer and employee relationship

  • To provide a forum for all the members' issues, concerns and challenges.


  • Help the members of LACFAEA with managerial skills and experience to be treated fairly in their pursuit of upward mobility.

  • Spearhead the formation of focus groups or chapter organizations in all County departments to maximize the scope and reach of LACFAEA

  • Keep the general membership informed of current issues, events, human services, plans, programs, seminars, rights and responsibilities in the workplace, as well as educational, social and career opportunities in the County through its own system of information, bulletins, brochure, and website.

  • Document and monitor members' challenges and work-related issues, concerns and grievances, advocate and aggressively pursue employer's compliance with existing laws. Network with other minority organizations and community groups to build a coalition and gain more strength in vital campaigns involving our members and other undertakings. 


Who Are  Eligible to Join? 

L.A. County employees of Filipino-American ancestry and other persons mentioned in our Constitution and By-Laws, who believe in the association's goals and objectives. It is a countywide organization recognized by the County with members and/or chapters spread all over the Different departments in the five district of Los Angeles County.

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